Discover Why You are Struggling to Get Your Coaching/Speaking Business off the Ground Despite Your Best Efforts. (Ladies only)

Warning: This is not for you if you don't want to make money for your coaching or speaking services

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Here is the problem:

So many female coaches, speakers and service-providers are scraping down at the button, being broke and frustrated. They spend more money on tools and software solutions than they make, because they lack the knowledge on how to make their offer interesting, sticky and converting.

Most women have no clarity in their offer and confidence in their voice. But even if they understand what they are offering, the challenging part is transferring it into words and a convincing message.  Instead of Stripe or PayPal notifications, they get cricket sounds, which undermines their self-confidence.

Most Coaches Create Noise with their Marketing Message,

Screaming in the middle of the ocean and no-one cares.

Chance are:

  • You are either regurgitating someone else’s ideas, even if they are brilliant. But if everyone paints with lime green, lime green doesn’t stand out any more
  • Or your own ideas are boring or overused, lacking clarity and confidence, which makes you blend in with the crowd
  • You have read so many books, got your certification and you understand your value, but when it comes to articulating your promise in a distinctive way, you become stuck.

You can have the best systems, templates, perfect webinar scripts and software solutions but your bank balance will not improve until you do what most female coaches won't do.

The Good News for You, There is a Solution

There is so much opportunity if you know how to stand out on a saturated information market place.

So you can:

  • Stop the hassle if you nail one thing that will make all your marketing efforts finally pay off. 
  • Stop being unclear, confusing, and doubtful trying to connect and convert your favourite clients. 
  • Stop sounding like everyone else and start creating a remarkable influence, enjoying freedom, fulfilment and financial abundance. 

Who Am I and Why Should You Care?

Coming from poverty in Ukraine to the USA and building the life of my dreams on my own, overcoming multiple challenges I wanted to inspire people with my message when I discovered my passion for public speaking. 

I called myself a motivational speaker, sharing my story from poverty to opportunities anywhere they would have me. 

I was getting compliments for my speeches. But I wasn’t getting paid, which was a major source of my frustration. 

I was winning speaking awards and contests, I was doing a lot of free coaching, and I was broke. I was too generic in my message and deep inside I didn’t believe I was good enough for people to pay for my expertise. 

Until I figured out what I needed to change in my approach to make money in the coaching and speaking industry. The change didn’t happen overnight, but in the process of becoming that person I have always dreamed about, I have figured out the breakthrough formula to give me clarity and confidence along with a system to build the business I love while transforming other women’s lives.

I help women create exclusive, clear and confident message that reflects their unique voice and speaks directly to their clients needs. So that women I work with are able to make a remarkable impact in their field of expertise.

This is for you if:

  • You are a purpose and passion-driven female coach, speaker or trainer, who isn’t making enough sales and cannot attract or convert clients.
  • You might have tried the latest and hottest tools and tactics, like funnels, webinars, podcasts… without any tangible results. 
  • You might be constantly posting on social media  in various groups without any traction. Although you pour your heart and soul to blogging, you have a slight suspicion no-one is reading or watching it.
  • You are busy to the point of being overwhelmed, and you spend more money than you earn. 
  • You are not making enough money in your business, which not only frustrates you but lowers your self-confidence.
  • Instead of payment notifications you get cricket sounds despite your blood, sweat and tears. 

As a result, you begin to doubt and question yourself and your offer, especially when you see others, that “seemingly” do the same thing, are making it happen. 

The reason your business is stuck is not because your offer has no value. It is not because you are not good enough. 

What is the key that will help you draw attention, create curiosity, and compel your favourite clients to open their wallets over and over again because they love working with you?

You have a unique voice that matters, and it has value on the marketplace, you just need to be able to articulate it in a powerful and persuasive way

Turn your ideas into a force for good by empowering other people and creating the life you have always wanted.

Put your struggle to end trying to figure it out on your own.

Get your hands on the only system that works


Empowered Women Inner Circle (EWIC)™

Discover the secrets of top female coaches how to create a confident, clear and converting message to clients.

Your business and personal success is determined by the quality of expertise supporting you and the kind of people you associate with.


Creating an irresistible message that speaks to your clients hearts and wallets is the key to creating a successful business and it is attainable by getting access to EWIC.

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What you will get by joining EWIC:

  • Strategies on how to create demand for yourself and your product
  • Fundamentals of making people feel they get you
  • Tools of ethical influence on people through persuasive copywriting.
  • “Storyselling” technique that very few are aware of.
  • How to avoid the most common mistakes in messaging most struggling coaches make 
  • Best kept secret techniques of confident positioning that will make you a client magnet. 
  • Mastermind with high-calibre women from all over the world in an intimate and safe environment. 

Dear Anna,

Just want to share that the clarity was amazing …. I am wrapping up for the day and feeling totally satisfied with what I have gotten so far. It’s just me … who I am and what I am thinking in my best heart of how I want to add value and serve. It’s coming from me and it’s all part of my growing process … which I know I will live to enjoy every minute of it. Loving it! Just wanted to celebrate it with you  …. Thank you again, 

Lynn Chia

Why Join the Empowered Women Inner Circle?

  • Imagine getting access to tried, tested and proven strategies that help you confidently position yourself with your unique voice and compelling messaging on a busy marketplace.
  • Imagine masterminding with other women and bouncing your ideas off each other. The magic and the transformation of the experience is palpable. 
  • Imagine having a powerful coaching that will help you recognise, embrace and put front and centre your brilliance.
  • Imagine getting accountability support and connection with incredible women from all over the world who have different dreams but same purpose — help others!

Having the right and supportive circle of women around you who see you as you could be and help you become all you could be and live into your potential is the biggest life upgrade

Could you handle more clients?

What could you do with extra zeros in your bank account? 

What would you do if you had more freedom in your life? 

The Truth is:

successful business doesn’t begin with clients. It begins with the right mindset, convincing message and right positioning on the market place.

  • You have learned enough. It is time to pass your knowledge on those hungry enough to learn what will transform their life. 
  • You just have to know how to package it in a way that clearly communicates the tangible value and instills your potential clients with confidence that you are the only person to their problems. 
  • Together we will tap into what is truly special about you and put it at the front of your business.

Did you know one worthy idea can completely transform your life?

Imagine getting lots of ideas from other women who are making things happen on a large scale. 

You will get access to an incredible group of like-minded women who come from the place of collaboration not competition

Communicating your ideas and crafting message to your customers could feel at times like you are trying to read the label from inside the bottle. 

Creating ideas in an effective way that connect and sell can be daunting and frustrating, especially if you don’t have the right framework.

But with the support and the access to the right tools, it could be an enjoyable process. 


Who this is for?

Female coaches, speakers, consultants. Women who are willing to take responsibility and commit to the process of becoming a sought-after world-class expert.

What is the format?

Weekly ( every Tuesday @ 4pm UK time or 11am EST) zoom calls with teaching/ mentoring/coaching, plus Q&A and live discussions with other women. You also have the access to a vibrant Facebook group.

What if I can't join the live call?

All the calls are recorded, so you will have access to the teachings and discussions.

What is the investment?

Reserve your spot at only $119 per month. There is going to be a constant value add on a monthly basis, with the new tools and strategies. You can cancel your subscription at any time.

The market for something to believe in is infinite. 

It is your turn to:

  • To speak up. 
  • Stand out. 
  • Build a following. 
  • Market a product. 
  • Make a connection. 

All of that is possible if you have the right tools and the right support.

The world needs to hear your voice, your contribution and your vision. There is room for everybody. It is just the matter of how you position yourself.

If you are ready to refine, apply and amplify your message and make more money, reserve your spot now. Space is limited.